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The curriculum at The Lake School is integrated so that within an activity, competencies may be developed in several areas. The daily program includes: 

The language program provides the child with a variety of shared experiences to observe and describe. It is designed to develop a motivation for reading and writing through relevant, meaningful and age-appropriate speaking, reading, and writing activities. 

Math Concepts
Everyday experiences and educational materials are used to develop problem solving and reasoning skills through the understanding of sets, classifications, patterns, sequences and numbers. Charting and graphing activities are introduced as appropriate. 

The science program promotes the child's use of the child's senses, logic and language skills to observe, describe, predict and understand scientific occurrences in the child's world. The program includes cooking, hygiene, health, nutrition, gardening and observations of animal, plant and human life. 

The art program encourages the development of the child's natural creativity, self-expression, fine motor skills, color awareness and sense of light. The child uses many different media and art activities, which include paint, collage and clay. 

Activities such as songs, finger plays, dancing, use of rhythm instruments and games develop the child's awareness of sound, rhythm, pitch and tone a swell as general auditory skills. The child is exposed to many different types of music. 

Dramatic Play
Dramatic Play uses housekeeping areas, costumes and props to provide the child with the opportunity to act out feelings, express emotion and exercise creative imagination, as well as learn about the world around the child. 

Large Motor Activities
Structured and unstructured activities, including outdoor play, give the child the opportunity to develop muscle control, coordination and self-confidence in the use of the child's body. 

Small Motor Activities
Throughout the curriculum, the use of manipulative materials such as blocks, puzzles, scissors, Legos and beads develops and refines eye-hand coordination, tracking, sequencing, spatial awareness and visual discrimination.

The Lake School provides children with a wealth of successful learning experience by integrating all the subject areas into a program offering opportunities for cooperation and shared activities. This sense of accomplishment builds feelings of self-confidence and autonomy and develops the child's interest in the exploration of new things. The young child's expanded curiosity and sense of self, coupled with the skills learned and the ability to work as part of a group, will form a solid intellectual and social foundation for future successes.

The Lake School Program Guide outlines in detail each area of the curriculum and is available to Lake School Parents. 


  1. To foster enthusiasm and responsibility for learning and to encourage each child's natural creativity and curiosity. 
  2. To encourage self-confidence and individuality by helping young children to understand and feel in control of their own world through developing learning and social skills. 
  3. To provide individual attention by having a low teacher-child ratio with small groupings of children, and gearing the curriculum to the different and developing interests and skills of each child. 
  4. To provide an exceptional setting in keeping with the age groups served at the school - a homelike building, rich in exciting materials and resources; caring and highly skilled faculty; program design appropriate to developmental levels, and activities that are both teacher-guided and child-initiated. 
  5. To perform ongoing evaluations of a child's intellectual, physical and social growth as well as a comparison of the child's development to age level norms. 
  6. To communicate to parents the philosophy, goals and programs of The Lake School, and to provide opportunities for parent involvement and education. 
  7. To utilize community resources and professionals in the field of early childhood education to augment school experiences and broaden a child's knowledge of the child's environment. 

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